Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Q: How much do you charge per hour?
     A: We have different packages for each theme:

  • Face painting only is $100/hr
  • Character packages start at $125/hr

We suggest you book the correct amount of time based on the number of children and your budget.


2) Q: How many hours should I book a character for?
     A: We try to work with all budgets, however, we suggest the following as a guide:

  • 3-10 kids- 1 hr
  • 10-20 kids – 1hr and 30 min
  • 20-30 kids- 2hrs

If you are having more than 25 kids at your party, we suggest you look into packages with 2 performers.


3) Q: What comes in the 1 hour package?
     A: We suggest the following:

Open face characters (Example: Princesses, Heroes or Clowns)

  • 30 minutes of balloons/30 min of games
  • or 1hr of face painting


  • 30 minutes of balloons/30 min of the character

If you are having more than 25 kids at your party, we suggest you look into packages with 2 performers or longer time.


4) Q: Can I have face painting, balloons and games in the 1 hour package?
     A: We cater to the client’s needs. We can divide the hour as you would like. Our goal is to make sure all children get a balloon or face painted. If we are booked for 1 hour and we show up to the party and there are 40 kids, we suggest balloons only. If we face paint, we will not be able to face paint all small faces.


5) Q: How many faces can Super Fun Factory paint in 1 hour?
     A: Our performers are highly trained to adjust to the number of kids at the party and the time ordered. If time allows, we add more details to the face painting designs. The more kids, the less details. Princess designs average 2 to 3 minutes. Hero designs average 4 to 5 minutes. Iron man, the hulk, batman take longer, as these designs cover larger areas for the face.

Example of how our performers adjust to the time allowed and the number of kids. When a child requests a ninja turtle design…..If we have time, the artist will paint the entire face green with a colored mask and details, including teeth. If there is not much time, the artist will paint the forehead and nose green, and a colored mask. This will cut the time in half.


6) Q: If I order a character, does the character do the face painting?
     A: Open face characters come in costume and do the entire party in character (examples: Disney Princesses, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Captain America). Some characters have limitations, and cannot do the activities while in character (examples: Darth Vader, Hulk, Spider-man). Characters with limitations such as a mask and gloves are considered mascots and therefore we follow this format:

Characters with masks and Mascots:
1 hour package: 50/50 (half the time for activity, half the time for character)
1 hour and 30 min package: 1 hour of activities, 30 min of the character)
2 hour package: 1hour and 30 min of activities, 30 min of the character)


7) Q: Can I just order the mascot without face painting or balloons?
     A: Yes. Clients can do 30 minutes of games and 30 minutes of character time. WE CANNOT BE INSIDE MASKED CHARACTERS FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES!!!!  Please understand these costumes are hot inside and it is unsafe for our performers to be inside for long period of time.


8) Q: If I do not want the face painting package, do you rent the costumes?
     A: No, we are not set up for rental service.


9) Q: How many people come with the package?
     A: If you order a package with only one performer, you are guaranteed one performer. If you you would like more than one performer at your event, we offer multiple performer packages. Please click on the link below:



10) Q: Can I have any time I want?
     A: We do our best to accommodate all your needs. For your convenience, we have time suggestions below:

Morning: (11:30am – 1pm)
Day: (1pm – 3:30pm) or (2:30 – 4pm)
Mid Day: (3pm – 4:30pm) or (3:30pm – 5pm)
Evening: (5:30pm – 7pm) or (6pm – 7:30pm) or anytime afer

Our peek hours on Saturdays are 3pm to 7pm. If a customer wants a time slot of (4pm to 6pm) then this will only allow that performer to work one party for that work day. We do not offer (4pm to 6pm) or (4:30 to 6:30) time slots unless adjustments in price or schedules are made.

*Please check our Summer Schedule for updates.


11) Q: How do I book?
     A: Fill in the form below and text to (323) 637-3425 or email to: superfunphil@gmail.com

Our Start time: (see below)
Our End time:
Length of time:

Time slots:
Morning: (11:30am – 1pm)
Day: (1pm – 3:30pm) or (2:30 – 4pm)
Mid Day: (3pm – 4:30pm) or (3:30pm – 5pm)
Evening: (5:30pm – 7pm) or (6pm – 7:30pm)

Contact Name:
Email (to send invoice):


Is this a house, Rec room, or park?

Birthday child’s name:

Total amount due:
$50 deposit to hold date
$________ cash due day of party

*please note: performer(s) will not be in mascots or costumes with masks during face painting and balloon twisting.


12) Q: How do I leave a deposit?
1) Zelle
2) Venmo
3) Apple Pay
4) PayPal
5) Cash App
6) Credit/Debit Card

7) In person

For your convenience, you can walk your deposit into our store and pick up a copy of your contract. We recommend you make an appointment, to ensure availability:

Our location: 7915 California Ave. Huntington Park, CA 90255

Hours: Monday through Thursday – 11am to 5pm (We can stay later by request)


13) Q: Can I leave my deposit on a Saturday or Sunday?
     A: No. Sorry. Weekends are our busiest days for parties. Our entire staff is working the field.


14) Q: I’m trying to call for prices on a Saturday ….
     A: Sorry. Weekends are our busiest days. Our entire staff is working the field. Our peek times are 3pm to 8pm on Saturdays. Best to email or text us for fast service during the weekend.


15) Q: I was referred by a friend or family member, why did they pay less?
     A: Though we offer the same packages to all our customers, it may appear some customers may pay less. Travel fees may have been waived or a second character may have been sent to a party at no extra charge. For example: If party (A) ordered 1hr and 30min princess package in LA, they would pay $195. If a relative called for prices, we will call this party (B), and they ordered the same package in Pomona, then they may be quoted $195 plus travel $.

Another example: If Party (A) ordered 1hr and 30min princess package for $195 – but we sent two princesses, that customer received an additional princess at no extra charge. We sometimes pair up performers, if they are working another party together before or after your party.  If a relative called for prices, we will call this party (B), and they ordered two princesses for 1hr and 30min, they would be quoted for TWO princesses at $295. Party (B) cannot have TWO main princesses for $195. That package does not exist.


16) Q: The location I am having my party at is requesting insurance, do you have insurance?
     A: Yes. Super Fun Factory has a business License and Special Events Insurance with State Farm.  We can provide a COI for schools and corporate events.


17) Q: How do I know which performer is coming to my event?
     A: Once you book your party, we will send you a confirmation and we can confirm which performer is available on the date and time you are requesting.


18) Q: How far do you guys travel?
     A: We area based out of the Los Angeles area, and willing to travel within a 20 to 25 mile radius. We have performers in the Van Nuys area, and the Ontario/San Bern area. However not all characters are in those areas. Call to check which characters are available in which areas. If your party is on a Sunday, we may be available to travel outside our area.